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So Today I was thinking! lol

GODS favor is beyond amazing isnt it. isnt it amazing as we go through life trusting GOD that he will show up every time. seriously when i look back over my life and i thought it couldnt get any better then position I was in. For years I made so many wrong decisions for my life that it cause me so much hurt and pain. I was in so much pain at one point in my life I became num to it. I just started to prepare for disappointment by the people in my life, myself, and I even felt GOD was ok with how things were going. One day I woke up and I told myself I didn't deserve for life to be always going up and down, it was time to look in the mirror and make a change with myself. I just want to say I thank GOD I chose to work on myself and not other people. By chosing myself I really chose myself, I relized I cared about everything but myself. I was putting everyone elses feeling and emotions before my own. I was trapped in my own prison and didnt even know it. I was blaming people for things I was doing to myself and expecting them to love me right. When I say just about every relationship in my life was failing , everything I put my hand to do was failing and I just couldnt figure out why. But today I live to know its because I wasnt loving myself the right way. I cant blame anyone for what they did to me or anything I been through because I allowed it. The day I said no more my life has changed for the better. I can see me clearly now I can see the GOD in me so clear that i couldnt dare mistreat me ever again. Now dont get me wrong things still happen, and things still hurt but im a new me accepting GODs grace for my life. GOD grace is the grace we give ourselves. I love myself, im human, and I make mistake but i will not any longer accept anything in my life that makes me unhappy. GODs Grace is big and great for us all.

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