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Salma Akter
Apr 09, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Community group buying has been a well-deserved trend in the past two years. Internet giants have entered the game one after another, hoping to gain a place in the market as soon as possible. So the question is, when will the club's tuyere break out in the second half, and how long will it last? The author of this article expresses his fax number database opinion on this and shares it with you. For brands, the rise of the community economy will be a new market bonus, because not only can we rely on the head of the community KOL for brand co-creation and brand communication, but also more accurate and full-coverage building advertisements to deeply link users . Some time ago, Internet giants have invested a lot of resources to enter the fresh food community group purchase, which was commented by the People's Daily. For a time, public opinion was in an uproar, and "community group purchase" has also become fax number database a hot topic in the Internet industry and capital market. In fact, before this, community group buying has quietly emerged in the sinking market, but it is limited by many factors such as technology, supply chain, and model. It has always been in a tepid state, and only formed an operation with service as the core advantage model. Later, the reason why the giants fax number database focused on this "cake" stemmed from the Internet giants' massive user data, advanced algorithms, strong supply chain warehousing capabilities, and strong capital blessings. According to the giants' consistent operations, online traffic and The integration of the offline supply chain, increasing preferential subsidies, and developing the habit of group buying in the user community will gradually change the user's lifestyle.