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Apr 03, 2022
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One of the keywords of a good back-end supply chain is "flexibility", which can meet the needs of various products on the sales side. But the Fax List flexible supply chain is also a solution in essence, and it is one of the solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency in enterprise operation. On the front end, to achieve "cost reduction and efficiency increase", one of the ways is to configure an adaptive product model for each typical single store form. The product model is crucial and determines the operating conditions of each single store form. The product is still those products, and how to combine to form the standard configuration is the proper meaning of the product model. To meet the needs of the crowd - the biggest function of the store is sales. The product sells more and faster, it must Fax List meet the needs of the target population near the store. The product model verifies the whole set of single-store models such as crowd selection, price system, product quality, and brand system of this store under the headquarters strategy. But the product model is not product development, but a module in the single-store model. Essentially, how to reconfigure product resources by sorting out the single-store model. Many offline stores have encountered such a problem: obviously this store is doing well here, why can't it replicate "Glory" when it moves to the next store? There are many reasons, we will only talk about a small aspect of the product model today: the combination of popular products and drainage products. 1. Remodeling It is necessary to Fax List correctly understand what are popular products and drainage products. The blind worship of popular products is the first thing to do. The fantasy of many brands is: if I spend money, invite Internet celebrities, and engage in activities, this product will explode. The underlying logic behind it is that selling a product can make a brand successful.