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Rakhi Mondal
Jul 17, 2022
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In this case with environmental sensitivity, and with marginal urban sectors that Last Database mobilized especially in Quito together with the indigenous sectors . " Yaku es pueblo " was the archetype built around the figure of the indigenous referent Last Database during the campaign. These alternative strategies gradually permeated Ecuadorian society and generated a sustained and silent growth of support for these new leaderships. All this Last Database while a "banker of Opus Dei and of the bank holiday [of 1999]" like Guillermo Lasso disputed the contest on a higher plane with Andrés Arauz, the "candidate of. Chavista Bolivarianism supported by Last Database Colombian terrorist groups such as the FARC [Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia] and the ELN [National Liberation Army] ». Thus they discredited each other between these two main political tents in dispute. Correismo will Last Database undoubtedly have to settle its internal accounts after this first round. Every electoral strategy starts from an analysis of the context. Practice shows that the Arauz Last Database campaign handled the wrong polls, insisting in the last fifteen days that they would win in a single round, for which they needed to reach 40% and obtain a ten point difference over the second. And, as a result of the above, he publicly Last Database positioned himself with the usual arrogance that he usually gives when he feels like a winner in advance, without making political nods to any sector beyond his "barra brava". In parallel and taking into account that the message is 50% of an electoral Last Database strategy, Lasso's campaign could not have been more confused and desperately disorganized. He began by promising one million jobs to end up Last Database committing to double his initial proposal, incorporating two of his main electoral promises in the last week of the campaign: vaccinating nine million Ecuadorians in the first hundred days of his government and raising the minimum wage. –which in the last seven years has not ceased to be considered.
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