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rakuiboul hasan
Apr 11, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Needless to say, the hot searches on Weibo these days have been quite lively. Since Fanfan was arrested, the entire entertainment industry has started a major rectification mode. Those who should be punished are also panicked to death. On this side, Shuangzi was fined 299 million for tax evasion, and on the other side, it was Zhao Weichao's turn to be blocked. Those "big stars" who have misbehaved have been afraid that they haven't slept well recently, for fear of being called to check the water meter in the middle of the night. And Xiaolei just wants to say one thing: increase the intensity. The exciting functions of WeChat, Douyin and Station B may be gone However, Xiaolei found that there is a "melon" that is closely related to our surfing netizens. Don't panic guys, this is a great thing for us. Here's the thing, on August 27, 2021, the Cyberspace Administration of China formulated the "Regulations on the Administration of Recommendations for Internet Information Service Algorithms (Draft for Comment)" (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations). The job title email list purpose is also very simple. It is to standardize various problems in the current algorithm recommendation and promote the healthy development of Internet information services. The most important thing is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our netizens. The exciting functions of WeChat, Douyin and Station B may be gone Xiaolei also took this opportunity to give everyone a good overview of the "Regulations". The exciting functions of WeChat, Douyin and Station B may be gone First, we have to have a basic concept of "algorithmic recommendation service". The technical scope of algorithm recommendation is too large, but the impact on users is similar. Manufacturers will use algorithms to infer what users may like, and then increase their efforts to make users rely on them. To give a simple example, Douyin app, everyone probably opens and swipe videos often, have you found that the more you swipe, the more you can't stop. This is the role of algorithm recommendation. If everyone watches a Douyin video for more than 10 seconds, the algorithm will speculate that you like this type of video. If the algorithm recommends too much force, it will even swipe the same type of content every two or three videos. Well, Xiaolei, as a ten-year-old friend, can often swipe videos about LOL. Although he doesn't know it well, it is really hard to resist the content he likes...