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salma akter
Jun 11, 2022
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Large-scale operations involve both commodities executive list and content. The product part should pay attention to the selection of products and do a good job in product classification; the content part introduces the different reach and methodology of executive list conversion products and image products. The author has carried out a specific analysis on these two aspects, let's take a look. The previous article mainly talked about precise traffic drainage and layered operation, and this chapter mainly talks about the operation transformation after the traffic arrives . Let me say in advance that after the private domain executive list volume is large, it must be "scale operation". The scale operation basically focuses on two parts: commodity and content. Achieve sales conversion through personal account private chat, group chat, and circle of friends radiation. 1. Commodity part The commodities I want to talk about refer more executive list to the supply chain, and the more important work for brands or IPs is the selection of products. For operation, I personally think that it is necessary to do a good job in product classification. Product classification The product classification will be executive list divided into 4 types according to different functions: drainage products, explosive products, executive list profit products and frequently sold products. 1) Drainage products Drainage products are used to attract traffic. The characteristics of these products are base price + high frequency. For example: 0.99 yuan a box of eggs. Drainage products must be cheap or lose money, and they use the psychology of users to take advantage.
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