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Tanmoy Mukharjee
Mar 30, 2022
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10% more will be delivered, but you won't mailing list know to whom. Of that 20% to 30%, some of your direct mail pieces will be returned to you, beat up beyond recognition by the postal service and certainly of no further value. Some pieces get delivered, but mailing list to the wrong address. Other pieces of your mail just get lost, and no one really knows where they went. In contrast, when you purchase a recent, accurate direct mail list, delivery mailing list can be as high as a whopping 95% - 97%! Some of the best delivery percentages of direct mailing list mail mailing lists can be found in magazine publisher's list of their magazine subscribers. Magazine mailing lists have some of the highest delivery rates available. For good reason: Subscriber mailing list lists are naturally very targeted to their annually-qualified magazine readers. Publishers pay for returns: so their mailing lists have high deliverability rates as publishers are extremely mailing list prompt with their name and address corrections. Most magazine publishers will rent their mailing mailing list list for non-competing offers (such as anything other than similar magazines). If you see a magazine that looks like it will be a good target for your direct mail campaign, call the magazine mailing list publisher and ask if their subscriber mailing list is for rent. Most larger publications will offer their list through a mailing mailing list list broker, so you'll be referred to that firm. 1. Magazine Publishers Mailing Lists There are over 10,000 magazines published in the U.S.