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zarin taslima
Jul 16, 2022
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Shi Mingjin has precise and unique views on the pseudo-elite, corporal punishment phenomenon in Taiwan's sports world, or the intertwining of old habits of the sports system. The problems in the sports world are frustrating, but Zuo Cup's eyes shine when talking about it, and he is full of enthusiasm for the development of sports in Taiwan. He is keen on sports events, and company banner design he deeply understands what it means to lose and win, so after facing the setback in the 2022 Taiwan Women's World Cup qualifying match, Zuo Bei said: "Don't be afraid of losing, winning is the accumulation of losses. " If people can see the power of flipping concepts and upgrading their minds from sports or life games, they will have the motivation to keep moving forward. This article was published with the authorization of Renben Education Notes, and the original text was published here Further reading [Interview] Chen Shizhong: Coexistence with the virus will be forced, and in the future, "clearing will be used as a means, but not as a goal" [Interview] Hong Xiuzhu - Besides voting for Tsai Ing-wen as "8.17 million brainless people", what else did you talk about? Interview with singer Yan Yige: From starlight to darkness, learn to let go of yourself and fall in love with me now
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