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"Embrace Imperfect Faith"

I wrote this 07/18/18 at 12:35

As I sit in my room, tuned in to TD Jakes feeling GODs presence, I realize it’s been a while since I immersed myself in a sermon. My Christian journey has seen its peaks and valleys, and lately, the fervor has dwindled. Trials can really cloud your vision, drive, and keep you from your sole purpose in life. I wanted my relationship with GOD though, I wanted to stop paying attention to the things that didn't matter, to focus on what was important that was my calling. So, I had to come to the concept that my walk with God won’t ever be flawless. The pursuit of perfection is no longer going to burden me, I'm shedding that weight. I’ve decided to be the best version of myself, understanding that perfection is an elusive concept and what ever happened to me in this life I can't stop focusing on my calling and building a foundation for my children and I.

TD Jakes speaks of God preparing us for something already ready, and that resonates deeply. I’ve let go of the pressure to achieve everything in a day, choosing to live one day at a time. Consistency in prayer and staying in God’s presence is my commitment. What I do know is it won't look the same every day. While I have my plans, I acknowledge that God’s plan surpasses mine. Despite my mistakes and unseen paths, I trust God with my entire life.

God’s unconditional love and countless chances inspire gratitude in me. This season, focusing on God is my priority, believing that He will manifest blessings for me and my children. I am thankful for His favor. My hope is to instill this unwavering faith in young hearts. I’ve come this far, and I don’t want to miss what God has in store.

In the pursuit of perfection, I’ve come to realize the irony in my own life – nothing has ever been perfect, and I’m far from it. Despite my desire for flawlessness, I acknowledge the numerous aspects I need to work on within myself. The concept of perfection has eluded me; even as a little girl, I aimed for it without truly understanding what it meant. Reflecting on my journey, I question if anyone can truly be perfect, except for God.


P.S. Your Imperfections make you unique!

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