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This Mean War

I wrote this on 06/28/18, at11:14 PM

In the quest for perfection, I found myself paralyzed—afraid to use the pen or to scribe my thoughts in a book deemed less than flawless. Sitting back waiting for the perfect time, the perfect moment, the perfect setting, and the perfect position. It’s a peculiar struggle, and perhaps you’ve felt it too. The illusion of the perfect moment hindered me, and in this pursuit of flawlessness, time slipped through my fingers. Tonight marks a turning point. I’ve come to realize that time is a fleeting gift, and in my pursuit of perfection, I’ve unwittingly let it slip away. GOD speaks to me, weaving through my thoughts and emotions, urging me to share, to heal, and to guide others towards Him.

I’ve made a solemn commitment. No longer will my thoughts and feelings be fleeting wisps of inspiration. They will be documented, etched onto paper as a testament to my journey of healing. This commitment extends beyond mere documentation. It’s a step towards GOD. Each thought, a conversation with the divine, and each page, a sacred space where my connection with Him deepens.

GOD’s guidance in my life is not solely for me. I believe my experiences can serve as a beacon for others navigating their own paths. Through sharing, we find strength, and in my journey, I hope to light the way for those seeking healing and growth. The revelation is clear everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Action, not perfection, is the catalyst for change. No longer will I let the enemy steal my thoughts. GOD is in control of my thoughts and emotions, and this realization marks the beginning of a war against the constraints of perfection. As the days unfold, I am committed to making each one count. Time is precious, and I won’t let it slip away unnoticed. My prayer for the next week is simple: awareness of the time granted to me, an acknowledgment of its precious nature, and the strength to utilize it purposefully. This means war a war against perfectionism, a war for time, a war for healing, and a war for a deeper connection with GOD.

In the time of my brokenness, I found myself trapped in the shadows of stagnation. Stuck, lost, and confused, I couldn’t discern where to begin or what words to utter. Yet, in that darkness, GOD’s guidance emerged, providing the strength needed to heal through Him.

Today is 1/15/24

Breaking Free from Stagnation:

I stepped outside the burdens that hindered my progress. It was a journey of rediscovery, a quest to find myself and GOD amidst the chaos. In my brokenness, I realized that time was slipping away, and I needed to seize it.

Healing Through GOD’s Guidance:

GOD guided me through the maze of my emotions. He bestowed upon me the strength to heal, setting me free from the chains that bound me. In embracing His guidance, I found not only healing but a profound sense of deliverance.

Becoming and Embracing Imperfect Time:

I stand here healed, set free, and delivered because I stopped allowing time to slip away unnoticed. The process required finding myself and GOD, a journey that allowed me to become more without destroying who I am. It’s a reminder that there is no perfect time; there is only GOD’s time. It’s a time to be used wisely.


This means war a war against stagnation, confusion, and the illusion of perfection. It’s a war for healing, freedom, and a deeper connection with GOD. As I continue forward, I carry with me the lessons of brokenness, the strength bestowed by God, and the awareness that each moment, imperfect as it may be, is a precious gift from him. If I didn't take the time to do what GOD called me to do and grow in his presence, I would have nothing to give and everything I went through would have been in vain.


P.S. This Means War/ Now is the time

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